About IAA

About International Astrological Association.

The International Astrological Association (IAA), founded in Hong Kong, is an Astrological research organization initiated by a group of Astrological enthusiasts. Its members come from different countries and have in-depth research on Astrological signs.

International Astrological Association (IAA) Origins:

Create a free circle of astrological communication

IAA values:

Love freedom, love to share

IAA mission:

Get to know yourself by your astrology and help those in need

IAA vision:

To become a public welfare, warm constellation exchange platform, through the astrology to understand the truth of the universe of life.

国际占星协会(International Astrological Association,后简称IAA)成立于香港,是由一群星盘爱好者一起发起的星座研究组织,成员来自于不同国家,对于星座均有着深入的研究。




My name is InnerRay, an expert in astrology

Hope to use the star disk as the medium, through the case consultation to interpret personal energy characteristics, star chart trends, intimate relations, parent-child relations, as well as astration knowledge of the popularization and teaching, to help more people to achieve the growth of life, grasp the "destiny" trajectory, with wisdom, courage and joy to meet the challenges and gifts of life.




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With wisdom,we create fortune.